Estimating Team
Estimating Team

When you choose Rinderknecht as your general contractor you’ll receive measurable value long before we break ground on your project. You’ll have fast, accurate, carefully researched estimates. We’ll also complete a thorough value analysis that helps ensure the success of your project. Our goals are to construct or renovate your building exactly as you envision it and to ensure the best return on your investment.

We’re committed to honesty and fairness in all of our business dealings. You’ll benefit from Rinderknecht’s code of business conduct. Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards has helped us maintain a competitive edge while delivering quality and service to our clients.

Rinderknecht project managers monitor schedules, budgets, operations, costs and quality. The Rinderknecht culture of cooperation and teamwork ensures that the pre-construction and construction phases of each project proceed as planned. We pride ourselves on cost control and on-time completion, which is reflected by this popular Rinderknecht saying: "A deadline is a deadline."

Our company’s comprehensive waste management program–which won the Governor’s Waste Reduction Award in 1992–is an added benefit, as it protects the environment and helps save money. Our reduce–reuse–recycle approach cuts down on waste production at the worksite as well as hauling costs and landfill fees. We are pleased to pass the savings along to our customers.

Rinderknecht’s long-standing safety program is another way we improve our customers’ bottom line. We receive significant savings in insurance and workers’ compensation costs and we pass the savings on to our clients.

We believe the real proof of Rinderknecht’s value lies in the wide variety of projects we’ve completed and in the satisfaction of our customers. We value our many clients who have returned to ask for our help with additional projects– an important testament to the value of working with Rinderknecht.

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